Friday, September 15, 2017

Just Plain Stuff

You go Lynsey...You are Grandma's  doll...strong wimp here..!!!
You know you can be pretty on the inside and outside.
Still be a leader..
Lynsey was just accepted by lottery to Girls on the Run!!!!

Just sayin'...The kids found the candy corn...
Today was my first day at the pool in 9 months...
I can I drove and drove and went to the grocery store for the first time in 2 months.
There was Edy's ice cream one...get one free..
So without  my candy corn...I was so pressured in the ice cream department.

Let me just say that eating salad and drinking water did not save my dear man.
My mother's doctor gave her a prescription for chocolate ice cream for her Parkinson's
And let me just say that Expresso Chip is outstanding..
So, there all you thin.... your life!!!

From the very, very expensive Singapore comes fabric at $30 a yard.  hmmmm

My girl enjoying her life...Singapore, the town..

Be proud of me my pain, but walking around anyway!!
Cutting fabric for the grocery bags..(Lynsey's holiday projecct}
So hoping the children learn that Christmas and holidays are about others too.
And, the reason for the season...
 And for Dylan's project...rubbery shelf liner traced around a plate.
Glued and sewn by 7 year old Dylan for his holiday presents.
A bottle or can gripper..opener!!!!
Muggs' gift to us:
A vacation at her beach house.
Eight women with eight sewing machines for four days.
So happy to have the house and animal sitter lined up..
Actually, just quite happy.
Thank you our dear Muggs.

ps...Did I tell you that I found an awesome new grief therapist.
Second round, next stage...sigh...
Grandma is!!

ps again....Debbie Hix   I cannot email you...can you please give me your email address..xoxo

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hello Irma, Goodbye Irma

Gotta show a little love with all the scary stuff in the world:
Stitch captures smiles..with his delightful...flower pen fun!

Here we are in Irma...only a wind and rain storm now...but...trees down all around and we live in the woods.  Any occasion for a sleep night!!
  Even Zoe is excited on her sleeping pad.
 This is the real deal..without the flash.  Irma should be gone tomorrow by noon and...
School is on a 2 hours delay..
.Grandma, Stitch and Boo  will be sleeping in the recliner, snoring and supervising!!

No sewing tonight...maybe some ironing the bag holder fabric.
 I see that Montana is dissolving in flames, Oregon's beauty is in ashes, Houston has been forgotten as they float away, not a bit of news anymore about my Miami, not even the rest of Florida...or the Caribbean .Mexico's earthquake...Fickle news...reminding me of sickness and death...a note is enough at the time and long forgotten are the survivors and the dead...I remember when I volunteered for the Red Cross emergency team.  They were all about the local tragedies when there was a national big one...never mind plural....The money was depleted from local coffers..never enough to go around.

My girl is in Singapore while her man works there.  Can you believe she is remotely working my computer to save my photos to Prime...I have a picture of her on Facetime with me..doing it...I yearn to share the picture. But I do not dare...She looks poorly upon pictures of her on my blog....It is an amazing photo of our new world...can you imagine, my girl in a hotel, overlooking the South China sea and the Singapore river..talking to me and fixing remotely my computer....If only Grandma could see us now.

Trying to figure out how I can do small things with great love./.
Guess the holiday sewing will have to do..and snuggling and caring for my grands..
We are lucky to be in Charlotte this time. And lucky to be having fun on our sleepover..

Then of course, there is crazy me trying to be prepared for all kinds of weather things.  I ordered online little LED flashlights. They came today....all without batteries..
.Jeeze Louize..
And my hurricane radio...due in next week...crazy old Grandma O'Quilts!!

At least I can drive now...Wahoo....

Saturday, September 9, 2017

An Orange Finish with a Blue Binding...

Tonight amid angst, I finished my friend's 70th birthday quilt.
Ok..Ok..It was a June birthday...but September is pretty close.
Now, I cannot send it...because Irma is paying a visit.
I used the blue binding..not so bad, I think.
Thank you Terri for the quilting!!!

 The grands are getting older.
They banded against poor Grandma.
They insisted that Granddaddy's old hospital room was now a bonus room
Definition of a bonus room???
A messy room with all their stuff and chairs and TV and computer..
Aren't I lucky that they let me keep my design wall and fabric in there!!
They may be right...after all 4 of us are living here.
 The O'Quilt family really, really loves their clutter and messπŸ™ˆ
Tonight I accomplished 50% of my goals for the weekend.
Kids visiting sewing..

My girl has just taken a 10 hour flight from Portland to Tokyo.
Then transiting to a 7 hour flight to Singapore. to be with her man who is working there for a month.
She will spend two weeks with him..πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
I am just saying....
πŸ’™πŸ’šIt is only 5 hours to Charlotte to be with Mommy

Then there is Irma and friends..
Gives me such anxiety
I had better get with the serenity prayer!!
I am as ready as I can be.
.It will probably be rain and winds when/ if it comes here.
Will just have to wait and see.

Another Grief Post....same age stuff..

Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day Love

Quilting first...I cut and made blue binding for this quilt.
Now I do not think I like it after all  my work.
What do you all think?
There is blue in the quilt...does this overpower it instead of enhance it??
Maybe it does not even matter and I am overthinking it.

Labor Day visitation...We  had a great time.
Daddy stayed 3 and a half hours...He fixed things and loved on his children..
Daddy is 50% Cuban...Kids are 25% Cuban
We are from Miami after all.
Kids helping daddy cook the burgers.

Eight year old Lynsey loves "Bake It" on U-Tube!!!
Today she frosted her cake all by herself... Look how proud!

We all love Daddy..hoping always for the best!!

Today I decided to teach the grands...the Marcarena...I told them that Grandma was going to buy  them a CD and we were all going to learn it.
They told me that they all knew it and that I did not have to buy it, it was on U-Tube
Then they showed me.
Poor out of touch.

And young and beautiful Cara on her new quilt!!

Some days, like yesterday, I do not think I can function any more without Mr. O'Quilts...
Then, the next day...I am still here!!.
My hip is getting better.
Off all the heavy pain meds and back on the vino tinto..
Over did it of course on the cane so back on the walker!!

My sister took the younger children for the night last  night.
Today she came and fixed Labor Day dinner...
On the way out...she told me that next time I cry about having no family support.
I am to remember I have her....a sister who cares.
xoxoxox for my sister!!!!
Dae and her man brought dinner for tomorrow and Wednesday.
Soooo nice..
 For those of us trying to "help", one of my favorite clips from
On Being
And, then....
Ten things I learned as a widow

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Survivor

Sitting outside today in the beautiful Carolina long before its time..
I felt that I had been through Hell and come out the other side..a survivor!
All with help from my friends.
Including Ms Zoe, who misunderstood the command...
or maybe she just liked the quilt vibe!
Last night a call from a new friend, Carol, in Florida....whose husband died of ALS and who had the hip surgery last March.  She cheered me on and gave me hope.
Nine quilts quilted as a gift from my friend Terri..Nine??? Crazy me.
I feel well enough today to cut the binding for this one,  for a June birthday that I never addressed.

 This morning I got out of bed and used the cane.
I am amazed.
I have not used Tramadol all day, just the switch to my old standby, Naproxen.
I just might live after all.
 The outside cutting station..heavenly.
Finished...88 tissue covers for the holidays...Dear friend Muggs
already found the tissues for me at the $$ store at Oak Island.

My next project will be the bag holders for the pantry..
Grocery bag holder
Here is a tute ..I did not use this one cuz I already have it in my head.
And I use fabric scraps.

Thanks to my friend Cotton and Steel quilt delivered to Ireland to a 12 year old niece surviving Sudden Death Syndrome...She is doing well now with a pacemaker.. she deserves a Cotton and Steel quilt.
 That fabric line is for strong girls and women...survivors!!!!.

And life goes on...Funny how the sun just shines a lot brighter when pain is at bay.
Trying not to over do ...but I think I will try to do a small drive around the corner to my Saturday night meeting.

I see that there is a workshop in Chapel Hill in October giving me 6.5 credits toward my license renewal.  It is for caregivers of ALS...nurses, CNAs, social workers, Hospice Workers..
.My old self thinks it would be interesting.
 My new self does not think I can handle it.
 I have so changed..Sorry self, I am such a wimp.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Let the Sewing Begin...

My Wednesday night group helped me put together the flower pens.
From the dollar store came the pens, the flowers and the floral tape.
The children had a great time giving these out at open house to this year's teachers
and last year's teachers...We left some on the secretary's fun.
I am getting hives from stress. and from this hip situation..
Going outside, I was able to have the attitude adjustment so needed.
Pinning the tissue holders.... tute from Skip to my Lou
Working on holiday gift giving now in August..
Gotta make good use of my recovery  time..
 Taking in Mr.O'Quilt's roses and of course his bluebird house.
 My sister loves me...more of my favorite flowers.
 The daily drama from our Lynsey
Bringing home lice from camp...We all had the fun today of de-licing the place!!
This girl is 8..She told me to get into the shower and she would do my hair
like her mother had done hers..
She read the instructions to me and proceeded.
Wow...I raised her allowance to $4 a week..
Love that smart.

Grateful my sister brought me chocolate ice cream with jimmies..
Thank you sister!!!
School starts tomorrow.
Buses come at 7:15
At 9:00  Ten friends with ten sewing machines bring joy and laughter
to my house....a Sit and Sew..

Monday, August 21, 2017

When the Egg Cracks

The egg has finally cracked from stress!!!!!
I so need this!!!!!
Superwoman with a machine!!!
In great desperation, from my heck of a day,
I crumbled the rest of my mint Oreos into my chocolate ice cream and ate right from the carton.
Even I know how bad that is.

What cheered me today?  Beside the cool eclipse and the nice glasses that Ms Katie gave us??
This picture of Art...
See, his mommy woke up one morning 6 weeks early with broken water...hmmm
Guess who shortly arrived??
  It was Art. Art turned two years old this week.
His mom said that they  had nothing ready, but the quilt I had made for him.
Man, did that make me feel good!!!
News from my daughter's weekend climb in the mountains of Washington State.
A mountain goat..
 I love my Emily and her brave self!!!!  xoxox
Taking things into my own hands, from a sitting position, I now have cut pieces for 32
Coin purses
 Lynsey's new fall Halloween skirt...ok, maybe Thanksgiving too.
Last year she threw an awful fit that her cousin Olivia had a Thanksgiving turkey outfit
Clearly I had not even thought of Lynsey as she did not have one...OMG
I am so ready now...It is August..hmmm
And, then my heart...with broken egg all over it.
Tonight my son was at the bus stop for visitation..all homeless dirty, hungry and smelly
Stephanie bought socks and a fresh outfit at Walmart and brought him home for a shower.
He cut his hair..and did the shower..
On the outside he looked so good.
I am big on denial..
We all went to a nice dinner...very nice.
Even me with my walker...and pain
Dylan loves Daddy so much. They all do.
Break my heart!

Once the kids were in bed..reality came back as my son shared his desperation for recovery.
He said that he just cannot do it without medical detox...he has anxiety and is frightened.
He said he is so tired of all this Heroin and living on the street.
Then he said, once again..that he had 6 rotten teeth..Two could be pulled but the other four had broken off at the roots and needed surgery.
No money for detox,
No money for dentist..

This mother's heart feels like the moon is hiding the sun forever.
We did the best we could tonight.
We all went out to dinner and loved each other.
This life of so hard sometimes...

Moon Shadow.....thank you Ellen!!!